81. Nutrition, Mediterranean Diet, and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Course ID: AC81

Nutrition, Mediterranean Diet, and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Duration Duration: 27 weeks


This online course focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases through proper nutrition and the changes that should be made in the diet on the ground of cardiovascular problems and risk factors for them (e.g. hypertension, elevated blood lipids, blood sugar etc.). It is based on the expertise of the University of Athens on health topics, and has been operating successfully for the last years, in the Greek language, having so far many graduates.

In this context, the course presents the basic principles of nutrition science (the importance of vitamins, minerals and water, the factors that determine the energy needs), recommendations for a balanced diet and the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet. Additionally it presents the medical nutrition therapy, possible drug-nutrient interactions, the changes in the diet on the ground of cardiovascular problems and risk factors. At the same time, it describes atherosclerosis and clarifies the role of nutrition in this process.

The present course is included in the health category of our online courses; it runs via a user-friendly educational platform while it is based on the latest dietary recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, plus how they can be applied in practice. Once the participant completes all the units successfully, he/she receives a certificate of specialized training. Please note that you can choose, either having personal educational support during the course, or receive the required help from the educational forum you’ll have access to. Each choice comes with a different cost for the applicant.

The programme is offered in two versions:

  1. with personal educational support and total cost 1200 €. In that case, elearners receive full academic support from their personal tutor, share any concerns or anxieties related to the programme and receive relevant academic material.
  2. with community educational support and total cost 400 €. In that case, elearners can pose their questions/ queries in the customized blog for the course. All queries will receive feedback from our academic team.