85. Translating in Professional Contexts

Course ID: AC85

Translating in Professional Contexts

English-Greek language pair

Duration Duration: 10 weeks
Price Total cost: 300 €


Translating in Professional Contexts” is a six-week course highlighting the potential of translation to reshape target discourses in professional contexts.

It aims at raising awareness of processes involved in mediators’ renegotiating aspects of meaning making between languages.

A set of socio-cultural phenomena manifested through language emerge, in the process of meaning transfer, which broadens perspective of what may be at stake in translation practice.

Professional translation contexts such as corporate advertising, media, tourism advertising, translation in academic and audiovisual contexts provide instances of shifts intended to enhance appropriateness in a target language with a view to enriching trainees’ perception of intercultural variation and highlighting its importance.

The course draws on the English-Greek language pair.

All Greek text fragments are back-translated into English, for international audiences.