88. Oral Greek – Level A

Course ID: AC88

Oral Greek – Level A

Duration Duration: 12 weeks
Price Total cost: 300 €

The program “Oral Greek from A to C through B” attempts to enhance the Speaking skills in learners of Greek as a Second /Foreign Language that have achieved one of the three learning stages, A (Basic User), B (Independent User), C (Proficient User) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF, 2001).

The module Oral Greek A aims to help learners of Greek at the elementary level develop comprehension and production skills during oral communication. The main goal of the module at this level is learners’ fluency during oral interaction, through drilling activities, listening comprehension and productive tasks. Nevertheless, elementary learners can achieve some basic accuracy too, through noticing and repeating words, phrases, grammatical forms and structures.

Learners will enjoy the various topics included in the material, which cover basic, frequent communicative situations, like introducing myself and others, talking about my family or my everyday program, moving around the city, shopping, visiting a doctor, looking for a flat or a job, as well as entertainment, traveling and education. By the end of this module, learners will be able to understand simple conversations about such topics better and respond in relevant requests and questions, either in informal or formal situations.

Learners will also practice how to express basic needs, opinions, attitudes, feelings and personal experiences in an appropriate and comprehensible way. Their pronunciation will not be an obstacle in their attempt to achieve their communicative goal, since they will receive focused practice in the basic sounds of Greek. Additionally, the basic grammatical structures and the thematic vocabulary in each section not only help learners build their knowledge of Greek, but also strengthen their self-confidence and boost their effectiveness during oral interaction.

By the end of this module, learners of Greek will have achieved the basic practice which will allow them to participate not only in the basic communicative situations included in Oral Greek A but also in other occasions that require basic vocabulary and simple structures.

Oral Greek A is the first step towards the autonomous, competent and effective speaker of Greek language.