German School of Athens

German School of Athens
Business Name: German School of Athens

The German School of Athens, or Deutsche Schule Athen (GSA / DSA, in Greek Γερμανική Σχολή Αθηνών, ΓΣΑ or also known Dörpfeld Gymnasium), is a coeducational independent, kindergarten, elementary school and high school in Marousi, Athens, Greece. It is also known as the Deutsche Schule — Dörpfeld-Gymnasium —.

The school has been in operation since 1896 and was founded by architect and archeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious private schools in Greece, after a very large number of students graduating from the school has excelled in politics, the arts, science and business.

While at kindergarten and elementary school level no differentiation of school systems is made, high school is currently split into a German section (with students eventually graduating with the German high school diploma) and a Greek section (with students graduating with German and optionally an additional Greek high school diploma). Pupils take entry exams in order to become students of the latter section so the school is considered highly selective.

However, the school is currently undergoing a transition phase towards a unitary high school system.

Upholding the tradition of an environment friendly school, the German School of Athens had Greece’s largest solar roof installed before the 2004 Olympic Games. The project was backed by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA), the German Energy Agency and the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Phone Number: 21 1777 4500
Business Address: Dimokritou 6 & Germanikis Scholis Athinon, Marousi 151 23

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