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National Technical University of Athens
Address: Zografou Campus 9, Iroon Polytechniou str,15780 Zografou
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Brief Description: The National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens (NTUA), sometimes known as Athens Polytechnic, is among the oldest higher education institutions of Greece and the most prestigious among engineering schools. It is named Metsovio(n) in honor of its benefactors Nikolaos Stournaris, Eleni Tositsa, Michail Tositsas and Georgios Averoff, whose origin is from the town of Metsovo in Epirus.
Phone Number: 210 772 1000
Σχολές Οδηγών Σιδέρης
Address: Papazachariou 16, Kallithea 176 71
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Phone Number: 21 0924 9988
Costeas-Geitonas School
Address: Kato Viglas, Παλλήνη-Αττικής 153 51
Brief Description: Costeas-Geitonas School is a Greek private school which was founded in 1981. It is situated in the suburb of Pallini, in the province of Attica. The school includes a kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high-school (including an International Baccalaureate department). It is a day school which operates from 8:00 to 17:30.
Phone Number: 21 0603 0411
The Moraitis School
Address: Al. Papanastasiou, Psichiko 154 52
Brief Description: The Moraitis School (Greek: Σχολή Μωραΐτη, Scholi Moraiti) is a co-educational private school in Athens, Greece. It is located in Psychico, a suburb north of the Greek capital. In student population terms, the Moraitis school is one of the largest private schools in Athens. Its teaching aims at university entry.
Phone Number: 21 0679 5000
German School of Athens
Address: Dimokritou 6 & Germanikis Scholis Athinon, Marousi 151 23
Brief Description: The German School of Athens, or Deutsche Schule Athen (GSA / DSA, in Greek Γερμανική Σχολή Αθηνών, ΓΣΑ or also known Dörpfeld Gymnasium), is a coeducational independent, kindergarten, elementary school and high school in Marousi, Athens, Greece. It is also known as the Deutsche Schule — Dörpfeld-Gymnasium —.
Phone Number: 21 1777 4500
Athens College
Address: Stefanou Delta 15, Psichiko 154 52
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Brief Description: Athens College was founded in 1925 by a group of enlightened Greeks (with Emmanuel Benakis and Stephanos Delta trailblazing the way) as well as with the support of American philhellenes such as that of Bert Hodge Hill, Director of the American School of Classical Studies.
Phone Number: 21 0679 8100
Address: I. Drossopoulou 60, Athina 112 57
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Phone Number: 693 291 0066
Address: Stadiou 5, Athina 105 62
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Phone Number: 21 0368 9359
Address: Tritonos 118, Paleo Faliro 175 62
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Phone Number: 21 0981 2390
Address: Grigoriou Lampraki 52, Glifada 166 75
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Phone Number: 21 0963 3211